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Norton Antivirus help

How do I turn off Norton ?

1.    Open Start.
2.    Type Norton  into Start. Doing so searches your computer for the Norton  program.
3.    Click Norton  Live Safe. ...
4.    Click the PC Security tab. ...
5.    Click Real-Time Scanning. ...
6.    Click Turn Off. ...
7.    Select a time limit, then click Turn Off. ...
8.    Click Done.

9.    Or if you are unable Norton Antivirus help after using these steps visit
Norton recommend that you remove your program through the control panel before running their tools. I have found that simply running the tool is enough, but if you like playing by the rules you might as well do this first.
·         Click your start button, then click “Control Panel“. Click “Add or Remove Programs” if you run XP, or “Uninstall a Program” if you are using Vista/7. Find the program(s) you need to remove, then uninstall it! And you will get help to Norton Antivirus help.
If you are trying to Uninstall Norton you are going to need a different piece of software: the Norton  Cleanup Tool. This program will remove everything to do with Norton  from your computer, and is by far the best product they offer. It does exactly what it says it will do.
·         Go ahead and Norton Antivirus help to download the Norton  removal tool. Run this executable and it will take care of the rest.

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